Calm Down

Sitting quietly in class all day is a very difficult thing to do! Being 9 years old and adding ADHD on top of it makes it almost impossible but somehow my son manages with the help of DAYTRANA patch, self-control and lots of concentration. He really deserves a medal as far as I’m concerned!

There’s no wonder why he bounces off the wall when he gets home. We try to get his energy out by playing basketball, throwing the football or going to a near by indoor trampoline place but even after all the activity he still has a difficult time to slow down for his evening routine. This has caused me to start doing some research on calming supplements, herbs and techniques that I wanted to share.
Lemon Balm – Lemon Balm has several benefits, including reducing stress and calming effect.

Lavender Oil – Scent has calming effect to help promote relaxation and reduction of stress.

Magnesium – A mineral that’s non-existent with my son’s intake due to being a picky eater. Having anxiety and being under stress actually depletes your magnesium level, I actually might need some of this too. Magnesium helps you sleep better, gets rid of stress and helps your brain work better.

Calming Techniques – Deep Breathing, stretching, listening to music, walking (in case of my son running), squeezing a stress ball, drawing and/or writing. The calming techniques are a work in progress for us since my son has a hard time slowing down to recognize that he needs to implement them.

We are now starting my son on magnesium supplements and applying lavender oil to his temples to help him slow down in the evening, hopefully, one of them or both will help him slow down. It hurts to see my son struggling with all the obstacles that accompany his ADHD but I know we will be stronger and more educated with our hands on experiences. I will keep you posted on our new path to calmness!


  1. I don’t really understand this. Methylphenidate is basically a backdoor speed: it hinders the destruction of dopamine. I understand how, for example, my morning tea helps me to concentrate. And that may make me appear more calm because I’m not scattered. But it doesn’t make me personally calm, and several cups of tea can be debilitating. What does your son say about how it makes him feel?

    • It helps him focus and stay on task at school and he likes that! What he does not like is the 2-4 hours after he takes it off, he gets restless and bounces all over the place, which he does when he’s not taking anything.

  2. Thank you for the info., Erika. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for our kids with ADHD to sit still for so long. Lately I’ve been dealing with some stress myself, so I picked up some tea with kava in it. I didn’t think it would help, but it really takes the edge off of the tension (for all you moms out there). I will check out some of the things you mention for my son.

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