About Us

About Erika

I am a wife, mom, and have my own consulting firm. My days are consumed with running a household, a business and being an advocate for my son with ADHD.

Life with my family is hectic to say the least! With a husband that is self-
employed and works all the time, I spend my day dropping my son off and
picking him up from school, take him to sports practices or games, do homework, drive to social skills group, educational therapist and behavior therapists, play dates and I can’t forget working.

I spend my mornings running with my girlfriends, my therapy, and have 2
marathons under my belt!

We entered the ADHD world 2 years ago when my son was diagnosed, and have been on a medication and school roller coaster since. Every day is a new day in our ADHD world and I want to share my frustrations, challenges and successes with my son and his ADHD and would love to hear yours.

About Kim

In a previous life, I was a massage therapist and a state microbiologist.  Now I manage a household consisting of my husband, my son, and me, oh, and three elderly felines.

When my son was six, he was diagnosed with ADHD.  I can’t say I was surprised.  There were already signs when he was a toddler that he was not your typical kid, and he had such a difficult time in school, despite being very bright.  It was because of his difficulties in school that I decided a home education would be better for him.  So now, much of my time is spent facilitating his education and participating in homeschool field trips and park days.

As we try out different ideas and resources to help my son, I would like to share what has worked and what has not.  It is my hope you will find value in learning about our experiences as we traverse the highways and byways of homeschooling and parenting ADHD-style.

About Us

We both met at a Parent to Parent class which was taught through our local chapter of CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder).  Each of us has a son with a diagnosis of ADHD, but we have differing perspectives because one of us has her son in full-time school and the other homeschools her son.

With our blog, AdventureswithADD.com, we plan to chronicle our various experiences and share resources candidly and sincerely.  We hope to develop relationships of mutual support with our readers so that we can find some real solutions for our amazing, atypical children so they can all reach their full potential and grow to be healthy and happy adults.

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