In Support of Behavioral Therapies


My brother just sent me an article from The Incidental Economist about the relationship between ADHD medications and their benefits for children with ADHD. It focused on a study done two decades ago. The study concluded that behavioral therapies in combination with medication did not have significantly better outcomes than with medication alone. What is important to note is that this research was done over a period of only 14 months. As an example, if we follow a child, who has just turned … [Continue reading...]

Calm Down


Sitting quietly in class all day is a very difficult thing to do! Being 9 years old and adding ADHD on top of it makes it almost impossible but somehow my son manages with the help of DAYTRANA patch, self-control and lots of concentration. He really deserves a medal as far as I'm concerned! There's no wonder why he bounces off the wall when he gets home. We try to get his energy out by playing basketball, throwing the football or going to a near by indoor trampoline place but even after all … [Continue reading...]

Connection Connection Connection


Of all the ADD experts my favorite, so far, has to be Edward Hallowell, MD. I love him! His take is that, rather than a disorder, ADD is a trait. One very important thing I’ve learned from Dr. Hallowell is that the greatest influence on future success, whether a child has ADD or not, is […]

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ADHD Awareness Month

ADHD ribbon

Today, I got several email blasts announcing October as ADHD Awareness Month! It would be so nice if everyone became more knowledgeable and understand the children that struggle each day with ADD/ADHD. Celebrities are teaming up with CHADD to raise more awareness, generate positive messages about ADHD and raise funds for ADHD Awareness Month. Having a […]

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Back to Homeschool


Well, we are a few weeks into the new school year. With all the school work and homeschool group kick-off events, it’s like we’ve hit the ground running. Besides the weekly park days, we’ve had afternoon bowling and farewell to the beach day, field trip sign-up night, moms’ craft night (very therapeutic, by-the-way), and tomorrow we […]

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Homework: An Unnecessary Evil


This is a somewhat ranting response to my friend, Erika’s, recent post. There is a book, The Homework Myth: Why Our Kids Get Too Much of a Bad Thing, that shares the research showing the clear ineffectiveness of homework. I have a pretty decent memory. When I was in 4th grade, I don’t remember having […]

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Back to the Grind

Back to Reality

Summer is over, school is in full swing and it’s time for me snap out of vacation mode and Back to Reality. I had a hard time writing this summer, don’t know why so here’s my first go at it! My son is now in 4th grade and after attending Back to School Night and […]

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Healthy Mom


(Image courtesy of Stuart Miles and I haven’t written in a very long time. It is a combination of us being busy with summer activities (I actually thought I would have more time to write) and me being very tired. The tiredness comes from me not really taking good care of myself, which I […]

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Why We Homeschool, Part 1


There are lots of things we think we would never do, until… Before having a child, and even when my son was young, I believed I would never homeschool. In fact, I used to be critical about parents who did. But then my son went to school, and the dread of sending him to school […]

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Food Sensitivities and ADHD


Being with my son day in and day out and because of much of the reading I’ve done, I do feel there is some link between food and behavior. Though I don’t believe certain foods cause ADHD, I think certain foods can cause or exacerbate certain negative behaviors in some kids. Beyond the obvious effects of […]

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